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Geo-Information Company

What we offer
The company has extensive experience in the production of geoinformation products from aerial photography and presice stereophotogrammetry to the compilation and updating of medium-scale satellite maps. We also develop professional software and produce stereomonitors.
A joint 3D stereo model is the basis for a highly detailed digital representation of the territory. It has a measurement accuracy of 10 centimeters in plan and 15 centimeters in height, and was created in accordance with Russian standard specification 58854-2020.
To work with the 3D model, a stereo device is required, such as a stereo monitor, stereo TV, or stereo projector system and software INSOT is needed.
The joint 3D stereo model aids in the management of the area and is used for various purposes, including complex cadastral work, environmental monitoring, determining landscaping volumes, design, and more.

Supply of equipment and software products

We offer:

Aerial photography from unmanned and manned aircraft

We have developed solutions that provide regions, municipalities, and businesses with high-precision stereoscopic models that allow them to "cover" a wide range of areas, from territory management to specific cadastral work or determining roof areas. Here you can calculate the cost of aerial photography and the necessary resources for storing derived materials.

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